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Commerce Faculty Academic Calendar


To use the Commerce Faculty Academic Calendar is relatively simple. The main calendar control is a straightforward calendar representation in table format that displays the currently selected month. To navigate to another month, simply click on the left or right arrows found next to the currently displayed month's title at the top of the table. For quick navigation to a specific month and year, make use of the drop-down boxes located at the bottom of the calendar.


Any event held in the calendar database is displayed on the day that it occurs. Events are colour coded to their departments, with public holidays being indicated in red. To view more detailed information about any event, left-click on its title in the calendar and a new window will pop up, displaying the full description of the event held in the database. Double-click on the popup window to close it.

As a staff member, you can submit events to the academic calendar by clicking on the 'Submit Events' link found at the top right of the screen. Once the link is clicked, the main calendar table will refresh with the day values now turned into links. To submit an event you now simply click on the day you wish to submit for and a new submission window will pop up. For example, if you wished to submit an event for the 25th of January 2005, you would navigate to that month, click on the 'Submit Events' link and then click on the '25' found on the January 2005 calendar table.

The event submission page is fairly self-explanatory.

  • The Event Title is the text displayed on the actual calendar.
  • The Event Description is the detailed text that appears when you click on an Event Title in the calendar.
  • The Course refers to which academic course the event refers to, for example ACC1006F.
  • The Department refers to the Commerce Faculty department under which the event falls.
  • The Time is an indicator as to when the event is going to occur.
  • The Sender Email Address is the address of the staff member submitting the event. This is important as an email is generated on submission and sent to that address. The recipient of the email is then responsible for the verification of that event before it gets displayed on the calendar. Valid email addresses have to contain @commerce.uct.ac.za or @uct.ac.za or else they will be rejected.

Unverified events appear in grey on the calendar and will only appear to the person who has just submitted an entry. It is up to that person to click on the verification link found on the email that is generated and sent to them during the submission process. This ensures that events are only posted by Commerce Faculty staff members.

email verification


When the verification link is clicked, Internet Explorer will ask you to close the webpage it is verifying, click yes.

To check that your event has been verified, re-open the web page and it should appear there.

For any further comments or queries, please feel free to contact the Commerce Faculty webmaster.


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