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Commerce I.T. is tasked with the information technology support function for the Commerce Faculty. This means that Commerce I.T. is responsible for all forms of computing equipment and networks located in the faculty. This includes both staff and student computing facilities.

In terms of student computing facilities, Commerce I.T. is responsible for the maintenance and day to day operation of the student labs. The main Commerce Alumni and Comlab facilities consist of 14 identifiable sub labs. Then there are also the special departmental labs for masters and honours students which fall under Commerce I.T.'s shadow. Commerce I.T. is responsible for the purchase, installation and maintenance of all these machines. Commerce I.T. is also responsible for the loading of the relevant software packages and looking after the networked servers. After all this backend student support, Commerce I.T. also offers first-line support to students through its manned student helpdesks.

In terms of staff computing facilities, Commerce I.T. is responsible for the maintenance of all departmental computer equipment and software. This includes the purchasing, installation and maintenance of the machines. Commerce I.T. offers a direct support service to the staff, through both its staff helpdesk as well as the main Commerce I.T. office.

Commerce I.T. is also responsible for the Commerce Faculty website and all the departmental sub sites underneath it. Commerce I.T. handles all the content creation and maintenance on the web server. It provides direct support to the staff and students through its dedicated webmaster position.


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