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MSDN Academic Alliance

What is the MSDN Academic Alliance?

The MSDN Academic Alliance is an annual membership program for technical departments in the area of Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems. As a member, a department receives an MSDNAA subscription that Microsoft platform, servers, and developer tools software. This software may be installed on any number of departmental lab machines. The software must be used for instructional and research purposes, it may not be used to run the infrastructure of the department. In addition, the departments faculty and students may check-out or download the software to install on their personal computers.

The program has two primary goals: 1) to make it easier and less expensive for you to obtain Microsoft developer tools, platforms, and servers for instructional and research purposes and 2) to build a community of instructors who can share curriculum and other learning resources to support the use of these technologies.

Procedure For Obtaining the Software through Commerce I.T.

Click here to view the procedure for obtaining the software through Commerce I.T. as well as a list of the software currently on offer.

MSDN Academic Alliance Home

Click here to go to the MSDN Academic Alliance web site FAQ for more information about the program.

MSDN Academic Alliance Agreement Form

Click here to download the MSDN Academic Alliance agreement form. You need to download, print and fill out this form in order to obtain the software. See the procedure page on how to obtain the software.

Note: There will be no software rented out during the period after university lectures end until the start of the next semester. In other words, no software will be loaned out during study breaks, examination periods or vacation periods.

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