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Commerce I.T. currently runs the Commerce Web Server, responsible for hosting the Commerce Faculty website. Although the University of Cape Town does have its own website, namely www.uct.ac.za, it was decided in 1999 that due to its size, the Commerce Faculty should host its own website, namely www.commerce.uct.ac.za. The website plays host to the various departmental websites in the Commerce Faculty. Currently the academic departments hosted include Economics, Accounting, Information Systems, Actuarial Science and Management Studies.

In the past, staff members were given editing rights to the website and were responsible for the upkeep of their pages on the web. Commerce I.T. did provide assistance in the form of a semi-permanent webmaster and a few student web assistants. However, from 2004 it was decided to do away with this system and introduce a permanent webmaster as caretaker of the Commerce website. The rationale behind this was that many of the staff were not comfortable editing the web, either due to time constraints or lack of skills. Because of the reliance on non-permanent staff, request response time was also to slow. Furthermore, the number of different staff editing the websites was leading to a very disjointed and incoherent website structure. The number of mistakes and missing links creeping into the website was becoming unacceptable.

As of now, any requests by staff for information to be added, removed or altered, needs to go through the webmaster. Response time is quick and the work is professional. Using the contact details provided below, a staff member simply needs to approach the webmaster with his/her request and it will be sorted out for them. As easy as that.

Now with a permanent webmaster at the helm, it is envisioned that the website once more becomes what it was meant to be - a tool for the dissemination of knowledge and information to the student community as well as to the outside world. Of course, the website can't grow or function without the continued input and support from the staff running the departments and it is hoped that a healthy relationship continues to develop between the staff of the Commerce Faculty and the Commerce Website.

Commerce I.T. Web Support

 Phone: 650 5233 (available 08:00-16:00)
 E-Mail: com-webmaster@uct.ac.za
 Office: Room 3.04.4, Leslie Commerce Building

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