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Commerce I.T. is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the various student computer microlabs around the Commerce Faculty. As such, Commerce I.T. provides student support through its two helpdesks situated in the main computer microlabs. These helpdesks are the first line of support to the Commerce students.

Commerce I.T. currently employs approximately 20 third- and fourth-year students as Helpdesk Assistants. They are tasked with manning these helpdesks and providing student support. They are responsible for dealing with any student queries or requests for assistance. They regulate the use of the computer equipment in the labs and ensure that everything is in working order. They are also responsible for ensuring that the laws and policies of the computer labs are upheld, as well as the lab security in general.

The helpdesks provide generalised support. If you require help on specific software issues, please ask your course convener to identify times when course specific tutors will be on duty to assist you. If your problem is related to finding more information about tutorial periods, re-evaluations, exams, etc. please contact the relevant reception area on level 4 of the Leslie Commerce Building. The receptionist will direct you to the correct lecturer or course convenor.

Becoming a Help Desk Tutor

At the end of the academic year notices are posted in the labs inviting applications for positions as Helpdesk Assistants. An application form is available, on which applicants state their level of expertise and program skills/knowledge. Applicants are normally restricted to students who will have completed their second year of studies by the time they become tutors. Good academic performance is a key factor is determining an applicant's suitability for the position. Other factors, however do apply, for instance ability to communicate well with users, patience, friendliness, plus economic need.

Please Note:  Student contact with Commerce I.T. is entirely through the helpdesk representatives. No queries will be dealt with at the Commerce I.T. offices, unless specifically indicated by a Commerce I.T. member of staff.

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