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The start of 2004 saw Commerce I.T. introduce their very own staff helpdesk project. Before, staff would have to log a call with UCTs main I.T. support group, namely the ICTS helpdesk, which would then be passed on to Commerce I.T., or alternatively contact Commerce I.T.s office directly. The problem with this is that sometimes it is a very simple problem that needs solving or it is simply a little bit of advice that is needed. ICTS and Commerce I.T. are usually quite busy, so it takes a little while to get a response from them. Thus to speed up response time on these types of requests, Commerce I.T. launched its staff helpdesk.

The helpdesk itself is currently situated in the Commerce Alumni Labs. Currently, the helpdesk is handling an average of 20 calls per day. The most common problems identified are problems with staff email accounts. However as the Helpdesk continues to grow in experience, so does the level of service provided.

Available through phone or email, staff can expect to get an almost immediate response from the Helpdesk. Ready to answer almost any question, Commerce I.T. Helpdesk is awaiting your call.

Commerce I.T. Staff Helpdesk

 Phone: 650 3858 (available 08:00-17:00)
 E-Mail: commercehelpdesk@uct.ac.za
 Office: Commerce Alumni Labs, Leslie Commerce Building

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